Common Questions

- What Wood Species can I choose for my cabinets?

How you select the cabinet wood is a matter of personal taste and the wood species is just the beginning of the selection. The personality of the cabinetry will also be affected by the finish you choose.
Common woods we use are: 
Cherry, Maple, Oak, Hickory, Walnut


- What Finishes are available?
There are a variety of finishes to choose from, allowing your cabinets to be uniquely customized.


- Will you use concealed hinges?

We normally use concealed soft close hinges in our cabinets.


- How deep are refrigerator cabinets?
Our standard refrigerator cabinet depth is 30"


- Can you give me a ballpark price? 

At Fine WoodWorks we try to abstain from ballpark figures. Ball parks are expensive! Our cabinets are custom made for each customer and everyone has an individual style, so the pricing greatly varies. Please review the Cost of Custom cabinets article to learn about pricing.


- What other wood products to you build?
Woodworks builds many other custom projects. This is a short list of wood products we have built.


- What Door Types are Available?

Custom cabinetry door styles are classified in two ways.

First, by the way they are positioned on the cabinet - Flush Inset, Beaded Inset and Overlay:
Second, by the profile of the door- Raised Panel, Recessed Panel, Flat Slab, or Glass Mullion:



- Do you offer cabinet hardware?
Yes, we can provide hardware for your custom cabinets. Our suppliers are listed on the  Supplier Links page, click the links to browse their websites. 


- What needs to be done before cabinet installation?

 - Can visitors tour the shop?
Sure! We are glad to have our customers stop by the shop and tour the facility. Many customers have enjoyed seeing their cabinets being constructed.