Our History

During his time at college,  Lucas Edgy began working with wood building bookcases, beds and small cabinets for friends and family. By 2003, he started a full time job as a cabinetmaker in Piedmont, Missouri. Two years later, WoodWorks opened its doors in Piedmont. In 2006, Lucas and Sara purchased 30 acres of land with a barn. The barn was remodeled into a wood working shop, and is the current location.

Lucas began using KCD software for cabinet design and project estimates. He is one of the first cabinetmakers in this area to utilize software to generate 3D cabinet presentations for customers.   

Shortly after moving into the shop, late in 2006, spontaneous combustion caused a fire in the newly remodeled building, causing over $60,000 in damages.  It took nearly 6 months to completely repair and replace the damaged tools, tooling and cabinets.

A 1200 sq. ft. of additional space was built in 2007 to house a new sanding area and spray finishing room.

The Piedmont flood, in March 2008, caused damage to the building. The flood occurred during the day, and as the water rose, employees worked hastily to raise equipment off the floor and move materials up to skids and dollies. They managed to save the work in progress, and shop equipment from damage. 

Another building addtition, nearly 3000 sq ft, was added in 2010. This addition features a newly designed spray area, spray foam insulation, and a counter top fabrication area. 

Through the years WoodWorks has upgraded and rebuilt or remodeled the shop and equipment to improve work flow. One of the many things that has stayed with us are the employees. Our team are some of the most talented craftsman in the area and dedicated members to our community.