Our Process

Unlike manufactured cabinets custom cabinets are built as unique projects and not mass produced. The foundation of all of our custom cabinets is constructed with premium lumber and sturdy veneer core plywood. Here is the foundation for our custom cabinets:

By utilizing this type of structural assembly, our cabinet boxes have distinct advantages in both strength and durability. 

We follow this process to build custom cabinets:

After drawings have been completed and measurements are finalized, cabinet construction begins. Cut sheets and parts list are made based on the design. 

The first step is building the cabinet face frames.  After the parts are cut out, a pocket hole machine drills a pilot hole and the parts are screwed together upside down on a frame table. Then doors, end panels, and drawer front parts are cut and machined as needed. Then these parts can be glued together to make the different sizes needed for each cabinet.

Once all the parts are built,  the job is ready for the next step, sanding. The frames, doors and drawer fronts are ran through a large wide belt sander, and one of our team members will finish sand each piece by hand.

The project is now ready for wood stain or finish, which is skillfully applied by hand. Most projects require several coats of finish, and each coat is hand sanded for a smooth final finish.  

Now the project is ready for the final assembly, and this is when the cabinet boxes are built, the doors are mounted, drawers are placed and hardware is added.

After the completed wood project passes quality inspection, it's ready to be blanket wrapped and loaded for delivery and installation.